SSL Recommendations

The world of SSL is changing. A few years ago there were not many options but today there are a number of big players and great deals with the security you need.

In order to determine which SSL certificate is best for you we need to determine what you want to do with your website(s).

Some hosting companies, such as the e-commerce marketplace or Amazon’s AWS services, offer free SSL Certificates with all of their accounts. But if your host doesn’t provide this you have a number of good options.

The important thing is that you get 2048 signatures / 256 bit encryption and that your certificate provider is a CA (certificate authority)  is included as a recognized CA in most browsers. Otherwise your users will get a security message when coming to your site that will warn them that the CA is not currently registered in your browser. This can be perfectly valid while giving your site appropriate encryption but it leaves visitors with questions because of a visible warning and an indicated that the site might not be validated by an independent 3rd party.

If you have one domain such as “” you will want a standard certificate.

We are currently recommending GoDaddy because their pricing is competitive and they are all about making it easy for their customers to purchase and install and their instructions are straightforward. You don’t need to be a hosting or domain customer to buy.

This Link includes a promotion code that will be applied when viewing your cart.

Note that GoDaddy defaults the add to cart for 2 years (which is a good idea so you don’t have to renew so quickly) but you can change this while viewing the cart. 2 Years is about $100 dollars for a standard certificate using our promotional code link. You can upgrade to a standard certificate that indicates that the site has gone through a more detailed verification process but most visitors do not view the certificate if their browser does not warn them.

If you own multiple websites

You will want their “UCC/SAN SSL” option which will cost twice as much but can include up to 5 domains and websites for the same price (you can add up to 100 for additional costs). The main catch here is that the multiple domains are listed in the certificate so visitors will know that the web sites are owned by the same party.  NOTE: If it is important to you to keep them separate then you will want individual certificates for each domain. More information is on their SSL page here.

If you use multiple sub-domains

As an example,,,, etc.  Here you will want a “Wildcard SSL” certificate. This will be around $270/year but if you use multiple sub domains, this is what you will want.


Other SSL Certificate Providers

Other popular SSL certificate providers we like and are most comfortable with are Semantec (Verisign), Geotrust, Comodo but their pricing is currently about 50% to 100% higher and in the case of Semantec it can be much more than that.