About OurShop

cartThe OurShop.com and OurShop.net domains were originally purchased to be the brand face of an e-commerce hosting platform.  That project has been on the shelf waiting for the project to be detailed and a development team to be put together. During that time our e-commerce professionals have added resource pages up to help internet merchants. These topics included included hosting, payment processors, and secure transactions, and internet traffic. The content is over 10 years old but much of it is still applicable today.

Currently we feel that the allocation of resources for this project internally is not near term and that it would be great if another party can make better use of the brand. The OurShop.com brand combined with the OurShop.net domain hold a wide range of possibilities to the right people. If this brand is what you are looking for please feel free to make an reasonable offer. Interested parties should use our contact form or call us at the number on our contact page.