What is a good e-commerce domain name?

There are a number of great articles that can help you zero in on the best available domain name for your e-commerce site. This is a critical decision in your online presense and we recommend that you take some time to read as many of these as possible.

Our guideline would be:

  1. Easy to remember (like “OurShop.com”)
  2. Short and easy to type (also like “OurShop.com”)
  3. “.com” is still the best and most desirable
  4. Do not include special characters (no dashes or numbers if possible)
  5. Few words (1, 2, or 3)
  6. Pick a domain where the primary alternate endings are also available (like “.net”)

If you are on our site and reading this then you are most likely aware that we currently have our primary domains for sale (“OurShop.com”, and “OurShop.net”). We are pretty obvious in our intentions but we feel that this is one of the best un developed brands available. “OurShop.com” is a great example of a domain name that satisfies virtually all of the top pointers for domain selection and is versatile in what type of ecommerce usage were it could be a powerhouse.