OurShop.com – What’s in a name?

cart Many e-commerce merchants develop their business plans around use of drop shippers for some or all of their product offerings.  New businesses are often caught up in how to establish a name that can compete against big online brands.  OurShop.com may be the solution.

During the early days of E-Commerce the phrase “Visit Our Shop” was used extensively throughout the industry.  At that time we were very much involved with web hosting and e-commerce software development with the early web hosts of Adgrafix, Hosted Solutions, and Hosting.com.  The OurShop.com and OurShop.net domains were purchased to tap in to the “visit our shop” phrasing and become a natural brand for either template site hosting (like Shopify and Squarespace) or a general E-commerce site such as Overstock.com.

We believe that the OurShop brand can be strong enough to overtake Amazon and eBay and because this project has been dormant in our pipeline we are offering them up to other entrepreneurs to take up the charge.  This was a hard decision for us but we simply do not currently have the resources to do the project justice.