HTTPS and My Store

Today’s SSL and E-Commerce HTTPS Merchant

Flash forward to 2016 and running a secure e-commerce shopping site just got a lot easier. Some web site hosting companies like Amazon and some e-commerce template shopping cart hosting companies like Shopify are now offering free ssl certificates with their services!

What does this mean to e-commerce merchants?

There are 3 important points that makes this trend important to you as an existing or new e-commerce merchant.

  1. Search engines are starting to favoer websites that are entirely accessible using “https://”. Google has initiated a drive for HTTPS Everywhere. The goal is to make it extremely difficult to obtain personal information from people using encryption on ALL pages and not just personal information and check out pages. Having your entire website be secured with SSL not only will give your customers more confidence but now can impact how you rank in search engines.
  2. Secure certificates have typically been expensive. This point is fairly straightforward. Free is a pretty good price if you are getting the same product.
  3. Integration and activating secure certificates in existing account management consoles is simple. Working through purchasing and installing a secure certificate in your store has always been confusing, time consuming, and often required hiring an expert. With these services anyone can get their site secure quickly and with little confusion. Some e-commerce hosting companies such as BigCommerce have made installing a dedicated secure certificate easy but do not yet offering dedicated certficates as included with their standard plans.
We have been encouraging readers to check out due to their announcement of free SSL certficates and “SSL Everywhere” for all of their customers. We’ve recently obtained an affiliate status so be sure to help support by using links from our pages. You can set up a free account and see how easy it is to have a professional e-commerce store completely covered by HTTPS.
Amazon’s AWS services are a great way for the more technically inclined to get a secure web server.
If you are planning a new store or have an existing store that is not entirely accessible using “https:” then we highly recommend that you ask your hosting provider what your options are to get one installed. If you are a new e-commerce merchant you should include secure certificates in your consideration of the service you are going to be using.