Increase Web Site Traffic: How do I get visitors to my site?

If you aren’t familiar with running a web site you might be surprised to find that getting visitors (or “hits”) is the most important thing you will do. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars hiring the most expensive web designers and have an glorious website, but if you do not get interested people to see it, your money will be wasted. Some of the most successful sites have very simple designs but the site owners take an active roll in making sure the promotion is done right.

Web site promotion is an expanding industry methods to increase traffic are evolving by the minute. So as you start to take an active roll in the destiny of your site, buckle your seat belt because even the most seasoned professional is likely to get whiplash on this ride.

Working to increase web site traffic involves a number of components and it will take a blending of these in order to be successful. Since each of these traffic generating component has complete books devoted to them, what we will focus on here is giving an overview and direct you to some of the best resources for details.

The absolute number 1 thing you need to do to increase and maintain web site traffic is to continually devour as much information as possible. Just as high web site traffic can be fleeting, low traffic can quickly turn positive with the right current knowledge. Do not be content with with either your web site traffic, the success of your search engine promotion, or any one source of information. Be critical of your site, analyze similar sites, and read read read.

It is important to note before we begin that if you are on a limited budget, generating web site traffic can take months and in some cases up to a year or more. Though the internet philosophy is partially based on free (or at least “free flow” of) information, the truth is that today’s successful cyber marketing has itself followed a natural path toward capitalism. There still are some major organizations that are based on free databases and organization/categorization of sites, and though it is important that they survive, they have their own problems that are inevitable in any non-profit organization.

Our web page optimization guidelines is a seperate overview topic that can be found by clicking here.

Web Site Traffic Generating Components

We purposely placed search engines and internet based advertising at the end to put emphasis on the idea that there is more to a successful web site marketing campaign than just submitting your site to search engines. You need to know that in many cases this will drastically fall short of your expectations and there is a good chance that it will not increase your web site traffic at all.

Targeted Traffic:
This set of pages are devoted to increase targeted traffic to your web site. This includes search engine promotion, search engine optimization, traffic building “on site” features, and creating return visitors. We also discuss paid advertising and non-internet promotion methods to increase web site traffic.

Quick Tip:
It can be a difficult and confusing task to increase your web site traffic. Consider hiring an SEO (search engine optimization) professional to help with the task. You will find that it can be costly to get top placement in today’s world of search engines either in time or money. A professional with good references may save you money and increase web site traffic better in the long run.

Quick Tip:
Check specific search engine requirements for page formats before submitting. Many search engines will reject pages have badly written meta tags. Meta Tags are non-displayed html that can serve many purposes, including correct indexing in search engines.

Quick Links:
Keeping up with how the major search engines do their page rankings is virtually impossible. The reason is that the most popular search engines, such as google, are constantly perfecting their methods. What happened one month in the world of search engine promotion may be entirely different the next. If you truly want to stay up on what is happening with search engines you need to keep in touch with the people in the industry.

One of the best search engine resources we’ve found is If you do nothing else, we recommend browsing their discussions.

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