What about traffic? Using Discussion Boards for Traffic

Discussion boards are programs that are available on many sites where people post questions and answers or have general conversations regarding specific topics. Many of these boards get indexed by search engines and specific posts can find their way into search results. Some of the boards do not allow links to be included in messages but many times you can include a tag line beneath your name with your web site address. This has the potential of creating traffic from people reading the post but also allow further indexing of your site if a search engine crawler hits that message.

Try to find discussion boards that pertain to your subject matter and join in on the discussion. Providing valuable responses to inquiries will not only allow you to place your tag line in another place on the internet, but it also helps to establish your expertise to potential visitors to your site. Participation in discussion boards can also enrich your own internet experience as well as help to develop contacts.

Set up a specific schedule where you can take the time to read and respond. Remember that even if you aren’t an internet expert you do have expertise in your own field. Take advantage of that where ever possible.


Quick Tip

Always use “making the internet a better resource” as your goal. This is one of the primary missions of the better search engines. If what you are doing has that same aim there is a better chance that the search engines will recognize it and include what you have done.

Quick Tip
On Topic Posts:

When looking for a discussion board, ask questions related to your specialty in the search box of your favorite search engine. The results should include discussion boards that are being indexed by the search engine.

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