Step 6: Switching Web Site Hosting Companies

So its time to switch web hosts… Step 6

This step should not be done until your are satisfied that your site is functioning properly at the new host and that the public accessing the new location.

6) Canceling your service at your old web site hosting provider

Many web site owners that switch from one hosting company to another are under the false impression that when they switch their name servers that their old hosting account is automatically cancelled. This is definitely not the case. Each hosting company has specific procedures for canceling accounts and if not followed you may find that you will continue to be billed for services that you are not actually using.

You should usually wait one to two weeks after you are actively using your new hosting company before canceling your old hosting account. This allows a fall back in the case of any unacceptable bugs or glitches that can not be corrected at the new provider. It is also not unusual for webmasters to find there is something needed from the old site that didn’t get copied across to the new web site hosting company.

After an appropriate period of time (see above) use the procedures that you’ve noted in the preparation phase to cancel the old hosting account. Keep all correspondence as proof of cancellation.

Do not skip this: Follow up with your old hosting company to be sure that your account actually got canceled. You do not want to have to deal with a collection agency 12 months later because your old host did not get your account canceled. Keep copies of your cancelation confirmation.

Site Move Quick Tip:
After canceling your service at the old hosting company, check back with them a day or two later to confirm that the account has been cancelled. Keep any confirmations in your archives.

It can be very distressing to be contacted by a collection agency a year or two later attempting to collect for hosting services that you’ve cancelled and not being able to find your backup documents and confirmations.